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 Black cumin seed oil 100ml

Black cumin seed oil 100ml


Unrefined, cold pressed, unfiltered.
The only oil that gives much to be desired with its taste. Black color, bitter taste, spicy smell - you have to be prepared for this - all this is due to the essential oils contained in the seeds, however, it is they that make black cumin seed oil a natural bomb supporting our body in many diseases:
- With asthma and allergies - relieves their symptoms
- Used in rheumatoid arthritis - to reduce swollen joints
- If you have diabetes, to lower your blood sugar
- With hypertension - reduction of systolic and diastolic pressure
Black cumin seed oil is recommended for all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites plundering our body - for example, it helps in the fight against Helicobacter Pylori.
Black cumin, due to its properties, has been carefully studied for several decades by scientists, thanks to which we can now find many scientific studies confirming its healing effect.

Not suitable for frying,cooking,boiling.


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